Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SEO web hosting – cheap multiple IP addresses

Website owners tend to inter-link their websites in order to gain backlinks and increase awareness and rankings in search engines. There are many cases when all websites are hosted on the same shared hosting account, a hosting account that shares only one IP address. Search engines are aware of such practices, and in order to clean up results they tend to filter from ranking websites inter-linked from the same IP address.

The secret for getting top rankings in search engines lays in few simple factors. Web hosting is one of them. Having multiple websites shared on same IP address doesn’t create as much value as having websites hosted each on a different IP address. There is also the problem of miss-use: shared hosting means sharing the same server resources (and also the same IP address) with other hosting accounts. If any of these hosting accounts use any black-hat / spamming techniques, your websites are also in trouble as search engines will tend to penalize everything coming from that IP address.

The best way to avoid such problems is use a dedicated IP address for your websites, and using dedicated IP addresses for each website would be even better. This is also known as SEO hosting.

So if you do not want to have several hosting accounts with different companies in order to enjoy different IP addresses for each of your websites, there is a better alternative. There are a few webhosting companies out there that offer dedicated IP addresses, but there is one above all when it comes to facilities offered and costs.

IX Web Hosting offers multiple dedicated IP addresses (IP addresses dedicated to you will not be shared with any other hosting account). The best plan has 15 dedicated IP addresses (C class addresses if you will register them one after another, however if you register each IP address every 2-3 das, you may get even different B class addresses). The price starts at $3.95 / month and offers unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites hosted and at least 1 free web domain.

Discount Hosting: IX Web Hosting promo code offers you a 10% discount up to $48. Simply check the promo code details to find out how to get SEO hosting at best price.

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